Nicolas Mirzoeff How To See The World


In the introduction of Nicholas Mirzoeff “how to see the world” it discusses how people have a greater need to photograph everything then ever before. “Every two minutes Americans alone take more photographs than where made in the entire nineteenth century”. Seeing and experiencing things through images such as photographs has become more common than experiencing things first hand. The frequency I look at art on pinterest, perhaps 20 or so paintings a day certainly trumps the amount of paintings I see in actuality. Also there’s this compulsion to reproduce and hoard photographs of commonly seen sights, for example you go to visit some of the most famous paintings and what do you do? take a photo so you have any other copy of the work that you could simply google and get just the same result. What’s worse is you let that photo take up space and don’t dare delete it. “we feel compelled to make images of it and share them with others”.


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