The Cindy Sherman Exhibition Wellington Art Museum

Blog 1: Experiencing

Confronting identity, female appearance, narcissism, cult of celebrity and facade are the words that titillated my mind as I scrolled the works of the gallery. The confronting topics made me look around the room and confront other gallery views all clambered together in groups portraying their own selves in certain ways just like cindy’s portraits, however this time trying to appear cultured and increasingly more in tune with the works.


Blog 2: Reflecting

The themes in sherman’s work, relate to the viewer in away we deny being relatable. Walking around her the various series of works I notice a theme; of trying to portray yourself in one light but falling short and people seeing through it. Her series “new york” alludes to the the 1934 haze code that pruned the variety in film roles for woman, straining the already limited industry for woman over 30. The series features women of this age category trying to be these ill fitted roles. This is depicted in ways such as cliched outward appearances, poorly applied makeup, clothing that doesn’t fit the woman’s age and taked on expressions. This was relatable in a uncomfortable way as it made me wonder if I am trying too hard to fit a certain character or wear a certain type of clothing for a persona that doesn’t even fit/suit me. I felt like a ersatz, a facade when I walked into the gallery bathroom and noticed you could see a bit of my foundation on my neck, making me wonder if I to have let myself go unknowingly alike the woman in sherman’s paintings. Heck I’m a 18 year old in Wellington not a 40 year old woman trying to get into the film industry and Cindy Sherman still made me relate.

Blog 3: Linking to your discipline

I’m a Fine Arts student and I felt this image and this Cindy Sherman artwork best relates to my discipline I do pen drawing and the forest background of this image inspired me for future drawings. It also gives a very narrative illustrated look which I personally wish to increase in my own artwork. The work is called Mural 2016 and creates a disembodiment of stereotypes. The characters each wear a range of clothing that looks as if it could have come from a range of costumes that don’t fit together, whilst on a black and white background that also doesn’t fit any of the characters. I photographed the piece so you get a feel of the gallery, who’s there, the environment and the overall experience. The panorama shot allows you to see the curved edge that your natural movement whilst experiencing the piece would show, yet that we ignore and automatically reformat.17349107_580700622129038_1638036588_o


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